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Small Business Concerns Services

SBC provides a variety of bookkeeping and financial services that will help your business run efficiently. We will help you design a financial statement and subsidiary reports that will provide you with the kind of information you need to make decisions and help you complete reports required by state and federal agencies. We can help you develop a bookkeeping system that works for you, using the resources you have. We can train you or your staff to use QuickBooks, or help you to organize your office process so that it operates more efficiently.

Bank Reconciliations and Bill Paying

SBC also provides services to individuals who may need help with bank reconciliations and bill paying. These services can be provided on-site or at our offices. This service offers a safe and reliable alternative for the busy professional, or for the elder who needs this type of assistance.

Clubs, Associations, and Not-For-Profit Agencies

SBC provides special assistance for clubs, associations and not-for-profit agencies that do not have the space or personnel to staff an office. We can receive your mail, maintain your financial records, pay your bills, create your invoices, and provide financial statements and reports necessary for your operation. Our staff works under the direction of your board or representative. This service has helped various groups to maintain continuity of their record-keeping system despite changes in officers and board members over the years. If you are facing an audit, our staff can help you review your current organizational records and processes to assure a successful outcome.

We Develop A System That Works For You

SBC will work with you to provide the kind of service your business or personal circumstances require. Not every business is the same and not every business owner has the same resources. We will work with you to develop a system that works best for you. If we see things that would reduce your bookkeeping costs, we will work with you to make that happen.