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Small businesses

Need help to design and implement bookkeeping systems that meet their needs and resources. We help them re-organize their offices to operate more efficiently. We can provide full services for those who need it, or train staff member to perform necessary bookkeeping tasks on-site. We believe in working co-operatively with business owners to achieve a successful working relationship.

Clubs, Associations and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Have unique problems. In many cases, officers and board members may change from year to year. The smaller organizations may have no paid staff members and may not have any consistent office space. Records move from place to place as the board members change and important documents get misplaced. Individuals serving the organization may not have the time or skills to handle the bookkeeping duties. SBC offers these organizations an opportunity to establish an office that can maintain their records and work with their officers and directors to complete the bookkeeping that needs to be done on a regular basis.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

That are larger and well-established must maintain bookkeeping records that are well-organized and meet specific standards. SBC specializes in working with these organizations to help them review their bookkeeping systems and reporting procedures to determine if they meet the contractual requirements of grantor agencies. Pre-audit reviews of this type often improve an organization's audit outcome. These same services can be useful to an organization that has had a less than satisfactory audit and is interested in correcting its deficiencies.


May also need basic assistance with their bookkeeping, bill paying and bank reconciliations. SBC offers a safe alternative for the busy professional or elder who needs someone to help them with their normal bookkeeping tasks.